BMW B58 140i/240i (Stock HPFP limitation)

So, you want to tune your B58 engine, and what an engine it is! 3.0l Twin-Scroll Turbocharged, direct injection using the latest MG1 ECU from Bosch (GmbH) with a whole heap of features and hidden gems that just aren't utilised.

b58 bmw engine
B58: From the gods?!

Let's get started!

So, first thing's first, best £ to Performance gain is plain a simple, a tune on a stock hardware vehicle, doesn't require any fettling with hardware, risking bloody knuckles trying to fit that aftermarket intake into a tight space, this is most commonly referred to as "STG1/Stage 1" - Very cost effective and typically yields the best £ to Performance. From us, its £500+VAT, and you'd expect the vehicle to gain 100-150Nm and 60-80PS.

Stock Figures

Well, 326PS, 340PS and 360PS are all claimed figures, but there's more to it than just the "B58" engine, there's many different variant's and setup's, and with it will come different tuned results, or shal we say different absolute results (Stock Calculated vs Tuned Calculated) rather than claimed paper figure's vs actual dyno results.

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