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We love E46 330d's and after having a couple throughout the years we set out to make the ultimate tune for one. Our aim was to keep the economy and reliability the M57 is famous for while turning the driving experience into something a lot more fun and engaging. 

With this tuning, we've tried to bring the diesel power delivery and response as close to what you'd expect from a Petrol 3.0 Turbo. 

Our unique Pedal response gives a true linear feel to delivery with no dead spots, the amount of pedal you ask for is what you get, no fakery here. 

We've tapered the way the torque is delivered to be progressive managable and reawarding pulling to 4.5k. 

We've also included torque by gear, limiting lower gears to allow you to get the torque down without the risk of damaging axles, bootfloor tear etc. 

Stage 1 Engine Tuning 

Stage 1 tuning will see around 270BHP and 600Nm.

*Power figures are climate, fuel quality and vehicle dependant.  

*Power figures are numbers we have seen on our dyno, these numbers are sometimes less than those seen on other more optimistic dynos.


Stage 2 Engine Tuning 

Stage 2 tuning will see around 290-300BHP and 630NM of torque. 


Hardware required for Stage 2 tuning:

  •  upgraded intercooler
  •  downpipe. 


Features include: 

  • Unique sharper petrol-like pedal reponse
  • Hard RPM limiter.

BMW E46 330d 204PS - Tuning

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