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The E46 M3 is undoubtedly a legend amongst enthusiast circles, often touted as the best car ever to be released by the M division. In late 2003 when the E46 M3 CSL was released to the public exposing our ears to that addictive intake bark and intense zing all the way to the rev limiter it was an instant hit. 

With today's CSL prices far out of reach for many, CSL intake swaps are commonplace, and what better to compliment the airbox than custom tuning to give some CSL bite to accompany the bark.


We offer exclusively high-end custom Alfa N tuning with our own unique Vanos changes within our tuning for S54 engines. This helps increase the legendary CSL bark at lower RPMs and makes it sing all the way to the redline. This of course adds some torque and power across the entire rev range together with our other changes. 


Why Alfa N? 

 Alfa N tuning on E46 M3’s has developed a reputation for being a little jumpy and jerky at lower RPMs and small throttle inputs leading the consensus to be ‘you must have a MAP sensor installed and use MAP-based tuning if you want drivability’. 


The reality is this simply isn’t true, having done 10,000s of miles in our own E46 M3’s without issues, and listening to customers' feedback we’ve found that our Alfa N tuning can be just as smooth and drivable every day when compared to MAP based tuning. Saving you money on needless extra parts and ultimately resulting in a better, more powerful driving experience. 



With even the newest E46 M3s celebrating their 18th birthday, these cars are well into ‘modern classic’ status. Because of this every car is different, factors like engine wear and maintenance, Vano's health and head gasket condition come into play. 

We recommend that you have your car mechanically up together before coming to us for tuning. Your money is better spent keeping your engine healthy than it is trying to tune around an issue. 

We typically see 360-370BHP and 370-380NM of torque when using 99RON fuel on our in-house hub dyno, (our dyno figures are known to be a little more conservative than most).

A freshly rebuilt engine, with lightweight pulleys, and sports cats resulted in 378BHP and 373nm for reference. 


All of the tuning we offer is exclusively custom to your car and your needs, nothing we offer is generic. 


Engine Tuning Features include:

  • RPM limit increase.
  • Oil Temperature based RPM light segment changes, meaning the last segment only goes off when the engine oil is fully up to temperature.
  • DSC M-Track Mode (MK60 DSC unit only) 
  • Shift Lights on Manual cars
  • Pedal Response Changes, in both normal and sport mode.
  • Software changes to allow for Secondary Air pump removal.
  • Software changes to allow for Catalytic Converter removal.
  • Features programable to Sport Button 
  • Immobilizer/ EWS delete 

For any other tuning services, please enquire about specific needs.



Our custom tuning is priced at £570 including running on the hub dyno at TRS Performance HQ.

This price is for fully custom tuning, involving data logging and tweaking on the road and dyno until your car is to our standards. 


SMG Transmission Tuning 


SMG Features Include: 

  • CSL Software for SMG cars 
  • Shift Light Changes
  • For any other tuning services, please enquire about specific needs



We also offer coding on E46 M3s for everything from beeping when unlocking to full SMG to manual conversion coding, so please get in touch if you have any coding needs or requirements.

BMW E46 M3 - Tuning

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