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Despite sharing it’s iconic S54 engine with the E46 M3, the ECU operating system used in the Z4 M is actually very different. Using the MSS70 ECU rather then the MSS54, the Z4’s ECU is actually more similar to the newer E90 platform using the N52 engine.

Despite the obvious differences we’ve been able to create custom Alfa N tuning for the Z4M allowing Z4M owners to have all the benefits of the stunning CSL Airbox intake sound, together with the everyday drivability you’d expect from a TRS Performance custom tuning.


Why Alfa N ?

 We’ve managed to re-create some of our very best tuning used on E46 M3’s and put into the Z4M ecu re-creating the famous recipe, here’s the reason we chose to use alfa N over MAP based tuning…

Alfa N tuning on E46 M3’s has developed a reputation for being a little jumpy and jerky at lower RPM’s and small throttle inputs leading the consensus to be ‘you must have a MAP sensor installed and use MAP based tuning if you want drivability’.

The reality is this simply isn’t true, having done 10,000’s of miles in our own E46 M3’s without issues, and listening to customers feedback we’ve found that our Alfa N tuning can be just as smooth and drivable every day when compared to MAP based tuning. Saving you money on needless extra parts and ultimately resulting in a better, more powerful driving experience.



Despite Z4M’s being a little newer and fresher than E46’s , these cars are approaching ‘modern classic’ status. Because of this every car is different, factors like engine  wear and maintenance, Vanos health and head gasket condition come into play.

We recommend that you have your car mechanically up together before coming to us for tuning. Your money is better spent keeping your engine healthy than it is trying to tune around an issue.


We typically see 360-370BHP and 380-390NM of torque when using 99RON fuel on our in house hub dyno, (our dyno figures are known to be a little more conservative than most).

For reference a freshly rebuilt engine, with light weight pulleys, and sports cats resulted in 378BHP and 373nm.

All of the tuning we offer is exclusively custom to your car and your needs, nothing we offer is a generic tune.


BMW Z4 M - Tuning

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