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Dyno Runs 

  • We have our own in house hub dyno suitable for both FWD and RWD cars. We are also able to run AWD Haldex cars in FWD mode. 


  • No fixed amount of runs, we'll do as many runs as you want or need. 


  • All cars are datalogged when on the dyno to ensure correct running and fault finding.  Datalogging values can include, ignition values, boost and manifold pressure, lambda and fueling values, exhaust temperarures and many more. 

How it works: 

Our hub dyno bolts directly to your cars hubs, so we'd take the drive wheels off and bolt your car directly to the dyno so there's no room for error like traditional rolling road dynos. We'll then do as many dyno runs as you want or need all while connecting our diagnostic software to record how the engine is perfoming throughout the run. 

At the end we will give you a digital dyno graph showing the power and torque for you to keep or share. 


This is done at TRS HQ in Leamington Spa 

Contact us to aranage a suitable date and time. 

Dyno Runs

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