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This page is for the VIN unlock request, and for when a used handset has been purchased. The previous owner of the handset MUST  return their vehicle to stock, if this is not done, then the handset cannot be used by the new owner and the handset will still be locked to the VIN of the previous owner.


The VIN unlock also includes the new tuning for the new customer, no hidden costs involved.


Stage 1 Handset Unlock: £250 +VAT (£300) 


Stage 2 Handset Unlock: £300 + VAT (£360) 


Stage 3 Handset Unlock: £400 + VAT (£480) 



The below link will need to be installed on a Windows based PC for the TRS Program to work:


DOWNLOAD TRS Performance Program


Instructions to Erase Data From Previous Vehicle:


  • Launch TRS Programme and plug in handset
  • Once it has updated and the programme has launched there is an option to erase data - click that option.
  • Wait a few seconds and the device will be erased of any previous tuning.


If the previous owner has erased the data, start the instructions from here:


  • Plug the device into the vehicle’s OBD Port.
  • Turn Ignition On.
  • Once the device has started and you’re on the landing page, click “tuning”
  • Select your vehicle from the menu
  • The device will tell you the stock/original file is missing and ask whether you want to read the stock file out of it. Click OK.
  • The device will then read the original/stock file out of the ECU. This will take roughly 5 minutes
  • Once that’s complete, it will tell you on-screen, unplug the device from the vehicle’s OBD port, turn off the ignition.


  • Plug the device into your PC via the supplied USB cable
  • Launch the above TRS Program, allow it to update and launch
  • Once the program has launched successfully click on “Download Data” - The program is now downloading the Original/Stock file from the device onto your PC.
  • It will ask you where to save the file to, choose somewhere you’ll remember, maybe My Documents folder.
  • Once the file is saved, email that file back to this email address. We will then begin to edit the file and begin tuning to your requirements.


  • Once that’s complete, we will send a file back to you, which then needs to be uploaded to the device, by choosing the “Upload Data” option on the program.
  • Allow the program to install the file onto the device.
  • Once that’s completed successfully, unplug the device from your PC.
  • Plug in the TRS Handset into your vehicle’s OBD port, turning the ignition on too.
  • Once the handset has launched, click on “Tuning” it will then ask you to program the vehicle.
  • Please follow the on-screen instructions very carefully at this point.
  • Once the vehicle is programmed, unplug the device and start your vehicle, equipped with TRS Performance power!


Handset Unlock to new VIN

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