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Stage 1 Tuning power is upped to 230BHP and 380Nm of torque when running 99 Ron fuel. 


TRS Home Flashing Device is capable of holding 5 tuned files, with features* such as:


  • Flat Foot Shifting - Allows you to keep your foot on the accelerator pedal whilst changing gear to enable a faster gear-shift without the throttle closing.
  • Hard RPM Limit.
  • Overrun ON or OFF - With varying levels of duration, up to 3s if desired
  • Brake Boost Enable - Allows you to press the Acelerator and Brake at the same time, building extra boost pressure.
  • AntiTheft
  • Valet Mode
  • 95RON, 97RON and 99RON Fuel Quality available. Other's on request


The device is completely customizable to the end-user, just let us know what you want and we'll see if we can cater for you or guide you through the process. The device can be updated remotely if you ever want to go through to the next stages of tuning and require updated software to suit or are not happy with the features chosen at the begining. The device can even be moved to a different vehicle, once the current locked vehicle is returned to standard/original.


Please note when purchasing a handset as a dispatch order to tune from your doorstep, we aim to tune the vehicles as precisely as possible based on the average mileage vehicle. As the vehicles age, hardware can become weaker, resulting in boost leaks, weak diverter valves, lazy actuators and so on. With this being said to tune your vehicle with complete accuracy, data logs are required. Please contact your local TRS dealer for this service.


*Features are vehicle dependant, not all features are available for every vehicle, please contact us directly before ordering to ensure you're not dissapointed


How it works

You will receive full detailed instructions on completion of purchase, here’s a quick look at how the process works:


  • Once you receive your TRS handset the first thing to do is use it to take a stock read of your car’s ecu, the process takes less than 5 minutes and you don’t need internet connectivity. 


  • With the handset read complete the next thing you’ll do is connect your TRS handset to your computer, load up the TRS program and take that stock read off your handset, onto your PC and email it to us together with a completed spreadsheet detailing all the features you want in your tuning.


  • After we’ve received your stock file and spreadsheet we will create fully custom tuning for your car, this process usually takes 3 working days.


  • Once the tuning is complete we will email you your tuning, and you can use the TRS program to put the file onto the handset.


  • With the file on the handset you’re all set to flash the file onto your car and enjoy !

TRS Handset - Fiesta MK7 ST STG1

  • The TRS Home Flashing Device is capable of holding the ORIGINAL file and 5 MODIFIED files. The 5 modified files can be any option you may want, with differerent levels of power, features or fuel ratings. 95RON, 97RON, 98/99RON and 102RON(where fuel is available) as standard.

    *Power figures are climate, fuel quality and vehicle dependant.  

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