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This product page is designed for handset revisions that have no performance impact on the vehicle. 


Please purchase this product if you are requiring a revision on your TRS handset, example as shown below. 


SLOT 1: Replace 99RON with 98RON tuning and change overrun from 1s to 1.5s Duration

SLOT 2: Remain as it is

SLOT 3: Remain as it is

SLOT 4: Change overrun from 3s to 1.5s and add Cylinder Deactivation OFF and Stop/Start OFF

Slot 5: Keep Anti-Theft


Once this product has been purchased, please follow the link at the bottom to the TRS handset update form and complete with as much accuracy as possible. Within the designated area for order number, please include your original purchase number of your handset and the following order number obtained from this purchase. 


We aim to work through revisions every handful of days, please bare with us due our busy periods, we appreciate your continued custom.


Tuning Updates Form Link

Tuning Revision Request

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