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Custom Tuning at TRS HQ 

STG 1 Power increased to 250BHP and 380NM of torque

*Power figures are climate, fuel quality and vehicle dependant.

*Power figures are real figures we have seen on our dyno, these numbers are sometimes less than seen on other more optimistic dynos.


  • Flat Foot Shifting - Allows you to keep your foot on the accelerator pedal whilst changing gear to enable a faster gear-shift without the throttle closing.
  • Hard RPM Limit.
  • Overrun ON or OFF - With varying levels of duration, up to 3s if desired
  • Brake Boost Enable - Allows you to press the Acelerator and Brake at the same time, building extra boost pressure.
  • AntiTheft
  • Valet Mode
  • 95RON, 97RON and 99RON Fuel Quality available. Other's on request


*Features are vehicle dependant, not all features are available for every vehicle, please contact us directly before ordering to ensure you're not dissapointed

Fiesta ST MK8 1.5l Ecoboost STG1

  • STG1 tuning will see around 250BHP and 380Nm when using 99RON fuel.

    *Power figures are climate, fuel quality and vehicle dependant.

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